Re: [gembud] does not plot model data

I manually ran GDPLOT2 and it plotted fine in an XW.  I know my datatype.tbl
and mod_res.tbl are correct.  NMAP just isn't drawing it, and the errors
suggest it can't understand the restore files?


On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Robert Mullenax <
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>  Try GARP and gdplot(3) and see what they give you.  That way you can see
> if it's an NMAP2 issue or a general GEMPAK issue.
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> Subject: [gembud] does not plot model data
> Well, I spoke too soon.  As Neil pointed out, there are problems.  I've
> tried 3 different nam grid files and although the "titles" of the restore
> files print on the bottom of the screen, there are no lines/model data
> plotted at all.  NMAP sees the data fine, loads all times...just does not
> draw anything.
> I am attaching a screen shot.  Any ideas?  I'm searching the boards/emails
> but am not having any luck.
> Ryan
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