Re: [gembud] Greetings

Ryan and Neil,

I can't speak for any changes since 5.11.1, however you will need to set 
the MTMACH parameter
to a little endian type for an intel in $GEMPAK/include/MCHPRM.Darwin.

The power mac I developed the 5.11.1 release on was big endian, and GEMPAK 
has some legacy settings for byte order
in fortran rather than newer endian tests in the code, so I set the big 
endian MTAPOL value in 5.11.1 for byte order. If you are
building on a little endian platform, try setting MTMACH=MTLNUX.

The byte order error is apparent in reading the binary map files since 
then need to be flipped for little endian processors  (as well as data 
data files which you would eventually run up against).

Steve Chiswell
Savannah River National Laboratory
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