Re: [gembud] Greetings

>Not only binaries, but a binary for intel based macs as well. 

I haven't updated my version and am still running 5.11.1 and use the
binary version on my G5 PowerPC Macs:


The reason I am responding is that it would be interesting to know if
this older binary will run on an Intel Mac.  It should since Rosetta is
quite good at translating the PPC calls to Intel calls. If you should
decide to go that route and test the older version, let us know if
5.11.1 works on Intel.

And, if this older version works, it is just as likely that a PPC
version for 5.11.4 will also work on Intel -- when they build a binary,
that is. (But an Intel version will NOT work on PPC.)

David Blanchard

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