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It looks like you are working with some older data (2009 March 3rd from the file name). If this is the case, I think the problem is that NMAP2 thinks the data are too old to be of interest (for operational use).

Try using the Range/Int button to change the date window for the data you have. The most important item is probably the "Ref. Time" entry. Set that to a time/date that is *after* the initial time in the model, or after any of the other data you might want to display (like satellite or radar products).

I hope this helps solve your problem!

Chris Herbster


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Brian Bernard wrote:
I'm trying to view model data in the Nmap2 application and have run across a problem. Whenever I try to view model data with the Data Selection window the model shows up in the dialog box but not the model hours. I have compiled Gempak 5.11.4 on a Fedora 11 ( Fedora 10 had the same problem) on a x86_64bit system. I have enclosed a screen-shot to illustrate the problem.


Brian Bernard



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