[gembud] Segmentation Fault in gpnexr2 (and gpnexr2_gf) in version 5.11.1

The problem is that gpnexr2 is producing a seg fault when I try to create an image using the attached radar file.

The settings are:
MAP      = 10=100:100:100//2 + 8 + 9
GAREA    = 39.9;-75.5;41;-73.4
PROJ     = RAD
RADFIL   = KDIX_20090615_1940
LATLON   = 0
PANEL    = 0
TITLE    = 1
TEXT     = .8/2/////HW
DEVICE   = xw
LUTFIL   = /home/user/wxscripts/lev2rad.tbl
IMCBAR   = 31/V/LL/.005;.05/.85;.01|.7/1/1/hw
TILT     = .5
RADTIM   = current

IDV is able to process the radar file fine.

The seg fault occurs with both 5.11.1 and 5.11.4, but I don't know about version 5.11.4 of gpnexr2_gf since those executables haven't been compiled.

A related query involves the white blotches that sometimes appear on the radar plots of Level II data with gpnexr2. How do we get rid of those?

A final query is that it doesn't seem like the resolution has increased to 250m in 5.11.4. How does one go about achieving the increased resolution?


Attachment: KDIX_20090615_1940
Description: Binary data

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