Re: [gembud] WRF output into NMAP


Hi Gembud fellows:


We're working on incorporating my group's WRF output, run twice a day,
into Gempak/NMAP GUI.  The first step is obviously converting the
model's output into Gempak format, which we can presumably do without
much effort using the wrf-to-gempak converter.  My main task at this
time is to actually integrate the resulting Gempak data into NMAP and
access, visualize the data just like we do with global model output,
observations, radar, etc.  Basically, I just wanted to ask what would
the quickest and most effective way to do such a task once we've got the
data ready after the conversion step.  In particular, we'd like to know
the tables we'd have to edit in order to display the data using NMAP and
what the pitfalls, if any, would/may be.


Thanks in advance,   





Pedro J Mulero
Wind Asset Management
1125 NW Couch St Suite 700, Portland, OR 97209
503-478-6302 (V)  
P  In the interests of the environment, please print only if necessary
and recycle



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We are running GEMPAK 5.10.3, and TAF in NWX is not working.  I am
assuming that's due to the switch to the 30 hr format.  I would prefer
not to upgrade to 5.11.4,  Is it possible to just upgrade specific
portions in a piecemeal fashion so that TAF in NWX will function again.
I am aware that this would not be a supportable configuration.

Robert Mullenax
CSBF/NMSU Meteorology

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