[gembud] recompile GDVINT and layer CAPE

GEMPAK users,


I have two questions.  One involves recompiling GDVINT with changes make to
viprm.prm.  I raised the variable MAXLVL from 65 to 200.  I tried to do just
a recompile

of the program itself (with make clean, make all, and make install) but
didn't notice my change take effect.  As a result, I did a complete overhaul
and did a 'distclean' and 

started over from scratch.  Now, the problem is that I have several errors
for GDVINT saying something similar to:


:36: relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against symbol `vimisc_'
defined in COMMON section in

Does anyone have a solution?


The second question involves using the CAPE (pres,hght,tmpc,dwpc) function
available for gridded files.  Is there an option for calculating a 'layer
CAPE', which would be diagnosing a portion of the 'positive area' that
resides between two levels (e.g., height or temperature) in the atmosphere?


 Thank you for any help,

Chris Melick


Dr. Christopher J. Melick

Data Services Meteorologist

Ph: 256.881.8811

Fx: 256.881.8283

 <http://www.baronservices.com> www.baronservices.com




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