Re: [gembud] ncolor not working?


Unfortunately, ncolor will only work in 8-bit pseudocolor graphics mode.
If your system has 16- or 24-bit truecolor set, then ncolor will not
work as intended.

Michael James
Unidata User Support

Neil Smith wrote:
Ncolor isn't functional for us in:

GEMPAK 5.11.1 or 5.10.4 or 5.8.2a
CentOS 4.x, 5.x, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, FreeBSD 6.0

By functional, I mean the color bar comes up, the one with the reset
and exit buttons,
but clicking on any of the color boxes does not produce the color
manipulation window.
Doesn't produce any errors that I can find, either.

Anybody have any luck with this, or any suggestions?

Neil R. Smith, Comp. Sys. Mngr. neils@xxxxxxxx <mailto:neils@xxxxxxxx>
Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M Univ. 979/845-6272


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