[gembud] FW: GOES 12 outage, GOES 13 changes for GEMPAK

Perhaps it's because of college finals that the traffic on this has been
so light, but for those with an IDD feed, is there a change that must
also be made to the 'pqact.conf' file?  I have looked at ours here at
MU, and it should accept whatever comes down the pike, but so far, it
seems that we have received no GOES-13 imagery.


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I've updated my imgtyp.tbl file and garp will display McIDAS GOES-13 imagery and GINI 
data ftp'd from NCEP, but it pops up "No Image" for EAST-CONUS Noaaport GINI 
imagery with errors similar to:

GEMPAK: [IM 1]  No entry in the image type table, imgtyp.tbl, for file 

These are the kind of errors I got for the McIDAS imagery before I updated the 
table, but the error has not gone away for the IDD Noaaport GINI data.  Anyone 
know if there's another tweak that has to be made, or whether there might be a 
problem with the Noaaport GINI data?



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