Re: [gembud] NCEP NAWIPS Migration

Hi Daniel, et al,

Daniel Richard Fuka wrote:

This does sound like an interesting presentation. Would somebody be able
to host it as a webex or similar type online presentation if Brent was
willing to give it again to the community?

We're talking with NCEP staff about a remote presentation, and it might be doable in late Jan-Feb time frame. By that time, there will probably be additional information to share.

We've been told that a paper will be presented by NCEP on the NAWIPS transition during the AMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, so be sure to check it out if you attend the meeting.

I am pretty certain that I could arrange the webex portion of it if 16 or
less people were interested. (I think we are limited to 16 interactive, or
500 people in presentation mode I believe.)

We'll keep you informed as progress is made, and thanks for the offer to host a remote presentation. We have the capabilities here at Unidata, and we'll work with NCEP to coordinate a time.
Thanks so much for your idea, Daniel!


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