[gembud] error while exiting NAWIPS applications; NMAP2 will not start

I just recently installed the latest version of GEMPAK onto a 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 Workstation machine. Whenever I try to exit an
NAWIPS application, such as GARP or NSHARP, from the menu system the
application locks up. My mouse buttons then no longer work. I then have
to exit to single user mode and kill the GEMPAK processes. When the
application locks up, I sometimes get the following message in my
terminal window: "Warning: Traveral.c: _XmMgr Traversal (3026) - I just
traversed into a different shell!!!" If I exit an NAWIPS application by
clicking on the "X" in the upper-right part of the window, the
application exits correctly. Has anyone ran into this problem?

I also have had trouble starting NMAP2. From the NTL menu, the NMAP2
application never starts. When I try to run nmap2 from a command prompt,
I get a segmentation fault.

Joe Barrett

ENSCO, Applied Meteorology Unit
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