Re: [gembud] GEMPAK NAWIPS Functionality

I'd like to second Larry's comments.  He has hit on the major
impediments we have in migreating away from Gempak to IDV.


On Fri, 2008-09-12 at 10:47 -0600, Larry D. Oolman wrote:
The biggest deterrents to our migration from GEMPAK to IDV are
1) quality of graphics 2) viewing text products 3) speed and memory
4) ease of scripting 5) grid manipulation.

1) Quality of graphics.  We have a number of professors, scientist,
    and students that submit graphics from GEMPAK for publication.
    We don't feel that the quality of IDV is there yet and probably
    won't be unless it has the capability to output some form of
    vector graphics.  A couple of our professors consider this the
    highest priority.
2) Text products.  When I look at the weather, I spend as much time
    looking at the NWS text products as I do looking at graphic displays.
3) My web site is built largely on GEMPAK.  I get about 120,000 actual data
    requests (not hits) per day.  An IDV based server would be too
    slow to be feasible at this time.  While 3D is nice, IDV is still uses
    too much memory to be unable to load large 3D sets such as a loop of
    level II radar or high resolution grids.
4) Ease of scripting.  Have you ever tried to manually edit an xidv file?
5) GEMPAK's forte has and continues to be in manipulating grid fields.  IDV
    is improving in this area but still isn't up to GEMPAK.

As a note, we played with using IDV for our teaching and have gone back to
mostly using GEMPAK.

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