Re: [gembud] GDVINT height interpolation error


Thanks for the quick response. I recompiled setting MAXLVL0. Hopefully, that takes care of it. However, I won't know for sure till Katy tries gdvint again(it's only 8:10 AM on the West Coast).


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Kevin R. Tyle wrote:
Hi James,

Oops, it is not vicmn.cmn, it is viprm.prm that sets the value of MAXLVL :)

I think the simplest thing would just be to explicitly set the numerical value of MAXLVL in that file--i.e., change it from 65 to a higher value
(no higher than 500).

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On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, James Murakami wrote:

Hi Kevin,

I looked at $GEMPAK/source/programs/gd/gdvint/vicmn.cmn, and that file placed no numerical value to MAXLVL (for me to alter). I did find the value 500 for LLMXLV in $GEMPAK/include/GEMPRM.PRM, but I'm unsure what value to change it to (have no experience with this sort of thing). Can you please advise me with more specifics(we're using GEMPAK5.11.1, by the way)? I don't want to recompile and find out I've made things worse.

Thanks for offering to help Katy with this problem. I manage the GEMPAK installation/care, but for years I've depended on Unidata(i.e. Chiz) to help with any problems(my programming skills are virtually nil).


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