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We've seen this in scripting. You need to make sure the script exits cleanly, including executing a 'gpend' to clean up its messes.

for some reason is sounds like your default ipcs behavior is to not list all users' info, which isn't how it works on our centos systems.

Brendon Hoch wrote:

I'm running Gempak 5.11.1 built from source on CentOS 5.1. One thing I occasionally notice is that if I list ipc processes as root using the ipcs command, I will sometimes see a large # of processes for a specific user. But when the specific user uses the ipcs command to list these, he sees nothing listed. The user is not logged in and as no actual processes listed running using the ps command, just ipc semaphore arrays.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Even if the user executes the cleanup command, the ipc processes still exist under the user, but only when listed by root. The user can remove the ipc processes listed if I provide the user with the ids, but it would be nice to be able to have the user perform this action without any intervention from me. This probably has more to do with Linux than Gempak, but I thought someone out there might have seen this issue before.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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