[gembud] Problem decoding Grib File causing Garp Problems


Ive been trying to display some archived RUC data from the NCDC nomad server in GARP, and whenever I select the RUC option, Garp crashes. The data shows up fine in NSHARP, with the 00 hour data showing up as YYMMDD/HHmm as opposed YYMMDD/HHmmFFFF. I noticed that I do not have any F00 files in the decoded data. For instance, the 00 forecast is listed as 070324/2100 in GDINFO instead of 070324/2100F000. I didn't think this was a problem, but when I decoded data without the 0 hour time step, GARP works fine. Is there something I'm forgetting when I run dcgrib2 on the grib data, as the only option I usually pass it is setting the current time to the day of the archived data. I'm currently using GEMPAK 5.9.3.

Thanks for any help,

Jeremy Martin
NWS Goodland KS

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