[gembud] Gempak warning file

I don't have an LDM feed  and can't seem to get dcwarn to work on the text
files from the nws ftp server, or any other version I can find.  Can someone
send me a gempak warning file and a warning text that went with it so I can
start working on some scripts.  Since the file is just text, I'm going to
try to build it using perl until I get my noaaport dish up and running.  


And btw, for the Josh Benson, noaaport is a very cheap and effective way for
you to get more data than you'll ever need, just do not buy a cheap card.
I've made that mistake twice already and it's ended up costing me more time
and money than just breaking down and buying a card good, reliable card.  L


Jason Brooks

StormGuard Solutions

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