[gembud] Customized Radar Reflectivity Images

Hi Gembuds:

I'm trying to make a 'customized' radar reflectivity image for 'x'
region or area, which would include data from more than one radar site
(presumably choosing the 'best' data from each, given the fact that the
radar returns will be at different elevations).  First of all, is this
possible to do in nmap, very much like we can easily do for model grid
data (by editing mod_res.tbl, creating an nts, etc)?  If so, what tables
should I target for these purposes?  I was thinking I could modify
nexrad.tbl in $GEMTBL/stns and add a 'station' or point to it, but then
I thought, how do I link this with the data (from multiple stations), in
$GEMDATA/nexrad/NIDS, that I want?  Is there a way around this or a
different way of approaching this issue?

I hope I was clear enough with my problem description.  Your assistance
is always appreciated.


Pedro Mulero
Meteorologist, Wind Asset Management
Iberdrola Renewables
1125 NW Couch, Suite 700 | Portland, OR 97209
503.478.6302 office
503.382.7827 cell

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