[gembud] Segmentation Fault with GPNEXR2/Level II Files


Good morning... I'm a long time listener, first time caller.  I am
currently working with some NEXRAD Level 2 files that I obtained from
the NCDC archive (http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/nexradinv/) and specifically,
I am using data from radar KARX in western Wisconsin around 08 UTC on
January 17, 2008.  I have posted an example file to an anonymous FTP
site, so that if anyone is curious, they should be able to access this
file: ftp://ftp.nsstc.org/outgoing/molthan/6500KARX20080117_073235 .
Our local GEMPAK data format tables required me to create a link to the
file with a different time stamp format, so I generally do something
like "ln -s 6500KARX20080117_073235 ./KARX_20080117_0732" before
executing any GEMPAK routines.  The radar data files appear to be valid
and functional, as another radar data gridding routine is able to
interpolate from these files and write to a netCDF format.

I am attempting to plot the lowest tilt level reflectivity by using
GPNEXR2.  I have done this for several other radars without issue, but
this set of files is returning a "segmentation fault" regardless of the
settings.  I was also receiving a segmentation fault for other radars
and their files whenever the specified GAREA was entirely outside the
domain of the radar, but for this set of KARX files, I have tried
everything from WI, WI- to a domain covering CONUS.  Here are the
settings I am using before executing and receiving a segmentation fault:

 MAP      = 1

 GAREA    = wi-

 PROJ     = RAD

 RADFIL   = KARX_20080117_0732  (this is linked to
6500KARX20080117_073225 and links work for other Level 2 files)


 PANEL    = 0

 TITLE    = 1

 TEXT     = 1


 DEVICE   = xw | test | 600;600

 LUTFIL   = radar

 IMCBAR   = 1/v/ll

 TILT     = 0

 RADPARM  = dz


Has anyone else experienced a segmentation fault with Level 2 data?  If
so, were you able to work around it?

Thank you,

Andrew Molthan

Andrew Molthan

UAH Graduate Research Assistant

NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center


University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

(256) 961-7474

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