[gembud] GFS003 triggers segmentation fault on GDCNTR, GDPLOT

I recently started pulling the gfs003 CONDUIT grid. All attempts to plot data have failed with a plain "segmentation fault".
GDINFO with the following parameters:
GDFILE    Grid file                         $HDS/gfs/2008031400_gfs003.gem
LSTALL    Full list flag                    YES
OUTPUT    Output device/filename            T
GDATTIM   Grid date/time                    all
GLEVEL    Grid level                        850
GVCORD    Grid vertical coordinate          PRES
GFUNC     Scalar grid                       tmpk

returns this:

GRID FILE: /data/gempak/model/gfs/2008031400_gfs003.gem

   PROJECTION:          CED
   ANGLES:                 0.0     0.0     0.0
   GRID SIZE:          360 181
   LL CORNER:             -90.00      0.00
   UR CORNER:              90.00     -1.00


Number of grids in file: 20000

Maximum number of grids in file:  20000

NUM       TIME1              TIME2           LEVL1 LEVL2  VCORD PARM
 84     080314/0000F000                        850         PRES TMPK
379     080314/0000F003                        850         PRES TMPK
710     080314/0000F006                        850         PRES TMPK
1034     080314/0000F009                        850         PRES TMPK
19462     080314/0000F177                        850         PRES TMPK
19782     080314/0000F180                        850         PRES TMPK

However trying a simple plot using GDCNTR, GDPLOT, GDPLOT2 returns this (example using GDCNTR):
dixon:~> gdcntr
GDATTIM   Grid date/time                    080314/0000f120
GLEVEL    Grid level                        850
GVCORD    Grid vertical coordinate          pres
GFUNC     Scalar grid                       TMPK
GDFILE    Grid file                         $HDS/gfs/2008031400_gfs003.gem
CINT      Contour interval/min/max          5
LINE      Color/type/width/label/smth/fltr  6/1/1
MAP       Map color/dash/width/filter flag  15/1/2
MSCALE    fgc;bgc;mask/units/lat;hide/valu  0
TITLE     Title color/line/title            1/-2
DEVICE    Device|name|x size;y size|color   xw
SATFIL    Satellite image filename(s)
RADFIL    Radar image filename(s)
IMCBAR    Color/ornt/anch/x;y/ln;wd/freq
PROJ      Map projection/angles/margins|dr  def
GAREA     Graphics area                     nam
IJSKIP    Iskp;Istrt;Istp/Jskp;Jstrt;Jstp
CLEAR     Clear screen flag                 YES
PANEL     Panel loc/color/dash/width/regn   0
TEXT      Size/fnt/wdth/brdr/N-rot/just/hw  1.3/23//HW
SCALE     Scalar scale / vector scale       999
LATLON    Line color/dash/width/freq/inc/l  0
HILO      Color/symbol/rng/rad/cnt/intp
HLSYM     HILO txt size/posn/font/wdth/hw
CLRBAR    Color/ornt/anch/x;y/ln;wd/freq|t  1
CONTUR    Subbox/smooth                     3/0
SKIP      Skip_cntr/skip_plt_x;skip_plt_y   0
FINT      Fill interval/min/max             0
FLINE     Fill colors/fill types
CTYPE     Contour type:  C/F                C
LUTFIL    Enhancement lookup table filenam
STNPLT    Txtc/txt attr|marker attr|stnfil
Creating process: xw for queue 3211271
Segmentation fault
dixon:~> gpend

I also tried inserting it into NMAP2 with similar results.
These plotters have worked fine with other GFS grids extracted with NGRID.
Any ideas? I was thinking it is a grib decoding issue but if GDINFO can see it that probably isn't the problem?
Perhaps it is a CONDUIT issue.
I'm hoping I didn't miss something obvious in the literature...
Thanks for help with this.
Dave Atkinson.

David E. Atkinson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
International Arctic Research Center
930 Koyukuk Drive
P.O. Box 757335
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks   AK  99775-7335

tel: +1.907.474.1126
fax: +1.907.474.2643
email: datkinson @ iarc.uaf.edu

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