Re: [gembud] GDATTIM with precip

Try GDATTIM=080307/1200F048:080307/1200F045

Hey all,

I'm trying to use GEMPAK to split up the run-total accumulated precip values supplied in the public GEM (Canadian) data into 3-hourly chunks. I used dcgrib to create GEMPAK grid files of "P45M" and "P48M" from the +f045 and +f048 grib files, then used GDDIAG to create a new GEMPAK grid file, subtracting the two fields, and calling the new grid "P03M"

I get the following output from GDINFO (run on the new P03M grid):

NUM     TIME1           TIME2           LEVL1  LEVL2  VCORD  PARM
   1   080307/1200F048   080307/1200F045     0          NONE  P03M

Note that this is run with GFUNC=P03M, GLEVEL=0, GVCORD=NONE, GDATTIM=ALL.

However, I can't get this data to display using GDCNTR or GDPLOT3. They all complain about the GDATTIM value. "ALL" is not accepted as a proper value in GDCNTR or GDPLOT3, and listing "last" or even "80307/1200F048" doesn't work either.

Note that using GDDATTIM=all is the only way to get GDINFO to list the above output.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

-Mike Hardiman
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