[gembud] Grid Diagnostics Script / Model Verification?

Hey folks,

I've been wanting to calculate some verification data on a couple local in-house WRF-ARW runs, so I've been thinking of writing some scripts to handle this using GEMPAK. I'm a little rusty on GEMPAK, but it looks like it could be done.

However, why re-invent the wheel? Perhaps someone out there has already written some scripts that will do exactly what I'm looking for.

Basically, I'll need to calculate difference grids between the ARW model and some sort of "verification" grid, presumably the NAM or GFS initial fields. I think this can be done with GEMPAK programs, but there is also Metcal as an option. Then I'll need to produce some sort of text output showing the average error calculated over the model domain, etc, etc.

We already run similar verification (at the NWS) using GFE, and this is good for determining verification stats for models and forecast grids within our CWA, using "sensible weather" parameters like Sfc T, etc. However, the GFE domain is rather small, and I'd like to see verification stats for MSLP, 500mb Heights, etc, over the entire ARW domain, so I can compare it to the NAM, GFS, etc.

Maybe someone out there already has done something like this and is willing to share their work? :)

-Mike Hardiman
NWS Lincoln, IL (ILX)

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