[gembud] Displaying NIDS data

I have some very old NIDS data files from 1995 that I would like to
display using NMAP2.

I copied the archived NIDS files into $METDAT/NEXRAD/xxx where xxx is
the radar ID (currently only DDC and AMA). Within that directory are the
BREF1, BREF2, etc., subdirectories.

When selecting the data type in NMAP2, I select IMAGE, RAD, DDC, BREF1
and ACCEPT. And that's about as far as I get. No file names appear in
the window and I cannot select a time (e.g., 950608/2200). Selecting
LOAD does not load any radar images. Have I missed an important step?

Does NMAP2 read NIDS files that are this old?



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