[gembud] gempak in a Mac environment

Hi - I'm a Mac user and have successfully installed one flavor on my own Mac before and have been happy (under 10.4) - am looking for experiences of others under 10.4 or 10.5 (OS X) please as we are looking for a new system for our computer lab in which we'll be putting a server and also more than 20 computers. The Mac price is very competitive with other PC/Linux type vendors but we may have a difficult sell job to make. I know that there are programs out there with Mac labs running Unidata applications, and as we transition to our next generation lab, it would be nice to get some good perspectives on what others have done recently. Please feel free to share if you can, particularly with regard to gempak on the Mac, from a lab or systems perspective. Thanks!

Paul Ruscher / FSU Meteorology

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