Re: [gembud] GEMPAK going away in 3-5 years?

I hate to sound like a cheerleader here, but I'd recommend you consider taking the formal IDV class this summer, and work with the scripting capabilities of IDV. I don't see that as an impediment. The biggest thing causing Gempak to integrate so well with LDM is pqact, and we can link to other apps (and -we- do here) beside Gempak apps and decoders.

I hate to think about changing all the Gempak scripting I've lost but making the change isn't going to be horrid. Well, not as bad as learning Java was, anyway.


Daryl Herzmann wrote:
My 2 cents:

Given the communities rather apathetic uptake of IDV it is strange to think that the community will migrate to AWIPS2 if it somehow becomes magically available. [Note: This isn't a slam against IDV, just noting that most of us are stuck in our ways that continue to work and have a general hatred of Java :) ]

GEMPAK won't "go away", since it is Open Source (well sort of) and the community could always band together to support it. The big struggle there will be the constant maintenance to keep up with NWS format changes, etc. Maybe if 30 of us got together, we could replicate what Chiz was able to do for us!!

The real deal breaker for me is the tight integration that GEMPAK has with LDM. We desperately need comparable functionality from IDV / AWIPS2 before I remove GEMPAK here :)

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