[gembud] GEMPAK 5.11.1 available

GEMPAK users,

I have posted the release of GEMPAK 5.11.1 on the Unidata web site.

Note that the pqact.gempak_craft pattern action file has been updated to work 
with both the old and new level II file name conventions in the IDD/NEXRAD2 
data feed. The data from NOP3 on that feed is using the new naming conventions. 
You will be able to verify receipt and display of the build 10.0 data as NOP3 
data is already available (at present NOP3 data is available alternating 
between canned and real-time data as determined by the ROC schedule). The 
$NAWIPS/bin/dccraft_move script which you will copy to the ~ldm/util directory 
has been updated to handle occasions when a new scan volume occurs in the same 
minute as the previous scan.

Steve Chiswell <chiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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