Re: [gembud] GEMAPAK 10.5.4 under ubuntu Linux

Steve and Brendon,

Thank you for the helpful responses.

Going with a straight...
in Makeinc.linux_g77 seems to allow for compilation of the Nprogs
without complaint. I haven't fully tested all the programs yet but I
guess I have no reason not to expect success.

Thanks again for the help!

Greg Carbin
NWS/Storm Prediction Center
Norman, OK

----- Original Message -----
From: Steve Chiswell <chiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, December 10, 2007 10:49 am
Subject: Re: [gembud] GEMAPAK 10.5.4 under ubuntu Linux
> Greg,
> You error shown is: "cannot find -lXmu"
> If you have the Xmu libraries on your system, then try uncommenting  the  
> line for shareable Motif libraries in the Makinc file and comment out the  
> static entry. The libXm.a has dependencies on libXmu but the static link may 
> be making it difficult to resolve the dependencies in the correct order.
> Steve Chiswell
> Unidata User Support

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