[gembud] Problem with Cloud labels

Hi All,

I am working with gpmap drawing .vgf files generated by sigavgf from
   BUFR data.
   The problem I see is in labeling clouds: when one cloud is covered
   partially by two clouds which intersect the lower cloud at opposite
   ends, the lower cloud is represented as two segments (drawn with
   '=')which are both labeled.  See below (requires fixed width font).
   _____________         _________________
   |            |  lbl1  |               |
   |            |========|               |
   |   upper 1  |        |  upper 2      |
   |            | lower  |               |
   |            |========|               |
   |____________| lbl2   |_______________|

This is the simplest case. The problem is, under some circumstances the
   "lower" cloud can be divided into many
   segments, each with a label.  I have seen as many as six labels for the
   same cloud.
   So my question is, where does the segmentation occur?  I would like to
   modify the code at this point to retain a single label.

Mark Hughes, Global Weather Dynamics, Inc.

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