Re: [gembud] datatype.tbl

Hi Pedro,

These fields are related with the NMAP2 data access configuration. DEF
#FRM and DEF RANGE provides the number of selected times and total
time span, respectively, and DEF INTRVL defines the interval between
each unique frame.
More information can be found at $NAWIPS/gempak/help/hlp/DataAccess_Conf.hlp .

Best Regards,
               Guilherme O. Chagas

On Dec 4, 2007 5:44 PM, WAMM <WAMM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is a question regarding the datatype.tbl file.  I'd just like to know
what the 6-8 columns stand for, that is, DEF #FRM, DEF RANGE, and DEF
INTRVL.  We're just trying to set some appropriate values for GFS gridded


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