[gembud] departure from Unidata, support address reminder

GEMPAK and CONDUIT list members,

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving Unidata in mid-January, so 
just as a gentle reminder, please make sure that all support questions are 
being sent as appropriate to support-gempak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 
support-conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to ensure that they get into our support 
tracking system and not lost down in my personal mail box.

As a personal note, I have always considered myself first and foremost a member 
of the Unidata community. Nineteen years ago, I attended my first Unidata user 
workshop as a community member from NC State University. For the past 13 years 
I have enjoyed great personal and professional satisfaction in working together 
with an extraordinarily oustanding group of people here at Unidata, the 
extremely involved and supportive Unidata user community, and the many talented 
people at NOAA/NWS/NCEP and other groups involved in both the GEMPAK and 
CONDUIT efforts. While deciding to leave Unidata has not been an easy decision, 
it is based on a desire to return to the atmospheric science research field 
fuelled in no small way by the intriguing and challenging interactions with 
many of you in the user community.

I thank you all,


Steve Chiswell <chiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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