Re: [gembud] Background color in nmap

If you always want the background to be white, gray..etc, then you can =
edit $GEMTBL/colors/coltbl.xwp and change the first color (black) to =
white, gray..etc.

If you don't want the backgroudn to always be that color, then place a =
copy of coltbl.xwp in your PWD, edit it and start NMAP2 there.  It will =
read that color table superceeding the one in $GEMTBL/colors.


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I have a question with regard to nmap's background color.  I just want
to switch it from black (the default) to any other (white, light gray
most likely).  Would you please help me out trying to find out which
table I have to look for and thus modify?  This should be a simple task,
but I'm struggling in trying to find the right table or script for these

Thanks for any assistance,

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