Re: [gembud] 5.10.4 Nmap2 problem

I overcome this by decreasing the font the $NAWIPS/resource/Nmap file

the line is Nmap*fontList:  default is size 14, I decreased mine to 12
and it fixed it.
You can also put a Nmap file in your home directory if you don't want to
change it globally.


Brian Bernard wrote:

I have a Fedora 8 linux x86 system on which I have built Gempak 5.10.4
from source. Everything seems to have compiled properly, but I have a
problem with Nmap2. When I first select Grid in Data Source and select
a model and script to view it works fine. But, when I want to view
another script by selecting Modify Source or Clear in Data Selection
Window the bottom most scripts are not visible at the bottom of the
drop down screen and it is then impossible to select OK or Cancel. I
have enclosed a screen capture to illustrate the problem I'm having.


Brian Bernard
Hamilton, Ontario

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