Re: [gembud] dcmetr: NAVCANADA LWIS Station data does not decode


The $GEMPAK/source/bridge/mt/mtgrpt.f routine is checking for a bulletin type of 5 characters of 
"SPECI" or "METAR" in bullatins that don't have a METAR, SPECI or MTR pil 
header line. Your product does not match on those keywords.The LWIS case can be inserted in the 
check and the length modified accordingly for 4 characters in that case. I can post a test version 
of that routine modified for you to verify that no unexpected side effects are created.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 10:13 -0400, Stephen Sinnis wrote:
I am using GEMPAK5.10.3 on Linux FC5.

My users identified that "SA" message observation data from Limited
Weather Information Service (LWIS), which are available on the NOAAPort
are not available in NWX.

If I change the "LWIS" to "METAR" in the bulletin and re-inject to the
LDM/decoder combination, then it works fine.

I looked at the dcmetr code and could not see where the issue was.

Example NOAAPort LWIS:

921 ^M^M
SACN62 CWAO 181300^M^M
LWIS CYDL 181300Z AUTO 06002KT M02/M04 A2938=^M^M
LWIS CYDQ 181300Z AUTO 00000KT 00/M03 A2962=^M^M
LWIS CYER 181300Z AUTO 14004KT 05/ A2981=^M^M
LWIS CYLH 181300Z AUTO 09004KT 05/05 A2976=^M^M
LWIS CZSJ 181300Z AUTO 09004KT 06/06 A2968=^M^M

Has anyone seen a similar problem?

Stephen Sinnis
Pelmorex Media Inc
T. 905.829.1159 x1379
F. 905.829.5800 _______________________________________________
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