[gembud] Quick Question about SNMAP


Have a couple questions with regards to SNMAP, there fairly simple but 
I think I must be overlooking something here.

First, Im trying to use the SNPARM SEPA!8 to calculate the pressure 
differences between an 8k level. Id like to get the units positive and 
have been using SEPA!8*-1 in my SNPARM variable but this doesnt seem 
to work. The numbers are still negative and they are different from 
the SEPA!8 variable. I imagine I have a syntax problem but cant figure 
it out.

Im also wondering if it is possible to reference the level value when 
giving the DEVICE variable a filename. What Im doing is using 
LEVELS=280-315-5 to step through several levels, and am wondering if 
there is any way to refrence what level the program is out for each 

Thanks for any help!

Jeremy Martin

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