[gembud] HWRF nested grids

I am decoding the grids with nagrib, and it is working fine for most fields.

For the PMSL field,  I am getting a large number of grid points decoding as a 
-100 with some lower pressures a couple of grid points in to the real values.

Is there a method to get these values of -100 to be decoded as missing, and to 
smooth out the 2 rows of lower values.

I am getting the data from ftpprd.ncep.noaa.gov. Directory /pub/data/nccf/com/hur/prod/hwrf.YYYYMMDDCC
File name    stormname.YYYMMDDCC.hwrfprs_n.grb2HH

Any help would be appreciated


Michael Nelson
Manager of Meteorology
DTE Energy Trading

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