[gembud] NIDS file viewing and simple nowcasting

Hi everyone, I am brand new to this list.

If my questions have already been answered, please inform me of where I
can find a message list archive.  (I am very new to GEMPAK)

How do I make NIDS files available for viewing within NMAP.  I have the
following information:

The filenames appear as: maple_cmp_fcst_200708082145_200708082215.mos

The NIDS files are on a 2km grid in a Lambert Conformal projection, with
a grid size of 2560 by 1792. The centre lat/lon is 39/-98. Output
reference lat1 is 33 and output reference lat2 is 45. The NIDS product
code is 140.

Secondly, I have a gridded mosaic of Canadian radar data which I would
like to translate via the 700hPa GEM regional model wind field.  My goal
is to create a very short term nowcast.  Are there any tools within
GEMPAK which would allow me to do this or has anyone else attempted to
perform a similar task?



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