Re: dcwtch newbie question


The decoders are expecting the FOS or AFOS bulletin delimeters to
identify where
a product starts/stops. Since your log output shows no bulletins read,
will have to add them to the bulletins before streaming them to DC text
bulletin decoders, such as the following script:

----------------- addfos.csh -------------------
#!/bin/csh -f
printf "\001\r\r\n000 \r\r\n"
printf "\r\r\n\003"
----------------- end of csh script ---------------

place the 4 line script in a file called addfos.csh, and make the script
executable with "chmod a+x addfos.csh"

then pipe your data to the decoder through the above script such as:

cat  wwus30.kwns.saw.5.txt | addfos.csh | dcwtch -v 1 -d - -c 15/1800

Using your text product below, you should obtain output that looks like:
|TS|070515/1755|070516/0200|275 |0|0 39.99 -85.82
   39.99   -88.84
   43.80   -84.50
   43.80   -81.29

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 14:13 -0400, pmanousos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I am attempting to use dcwtch (not dcwAtch) to decode watch boxes from
SPC for use in NMAP2.  I have installed GEMPAK 5.10.2 successfully on
RedHat ES 4 and am pulling wwus30 kwns files from NOAA. What am I missing here? A manual test on the command line via..
dcwtch -c 20070515/1700 -v 25 -d test.log <
provides no feedback to the screen (appears to run normally) with the
following output stored in test.log [811] 070521/1401[DC 3] Starting up. Version 5.10.2 [811] 070521/1401[DC 2] read 501/102399 bytes strt 0 newstrt 501 [811] 070521/1401[DC 2] read 0/101898 bytes strt 501 newstrt 501 [811] 070521/1401[DC 5] Normal termination. [811] 070521/1401[DC 2] Number of bulletins read and processed: 0 [811] 070521/1401[DC 6] Shutting down.
From the help files and the email threads it seems dcwtch is looking
for wous20 or wwus30 text messages (not wwus40).. am I incorrect? If I am correct, perhaps I using the wrong command line arguments for dcwtch? For reference here is the content wwus30.kwns.saw.5.txt WWUS30 KWNS 151751 SAW5 SPC AWW 151751 WW 275 SEVERE TSTM IL IN MI OH LE LH 151755Z - 160200Z AXIS..80 STATUTE MILES EAST AND WEST OF LINE.. 20SE DNV/DANVILLE IL/ - 5ENE BAX/BAD AXE MI/ ..AVIATION COORDS.. 70NM E/W /31N TTH - 34NNW ECK/ HAIL SURFACE AND ALOFT..2 INCHES. WIND GUSTS..60 KNOTS. MAX TOPS TO 500. MEAN STORM MOTION VECTOR 26025. LAT...LON 39998883 43798450 43798129 39998581 THIS IS AN APPROXIMATION TO THE WATCH AREA. FOR A COMPLETE DEPICTION OF THE WATCH SEE WOUS64 KWNS FOR WOU5. Pete

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