Radar cross section overlays

Hi all,
I'm trying to plot diagnostic fields from a model overlaid on a Level II radar 
cross section (same cross section). I run nexr2rhi and then gdcross. Since the 
radar data is in height coordinates, I thought I needed to convert my model 
fields from pres to hght coordinates using gdvint. I did that, but now I only 
get diagnostic fields below 1000 m.
In looking at the file, it appears it converted the gvcord to hght, but doesn't 
do a conversion to rename it a certain height. So my 500 mb level TMPK field is 
now a 500 m level TMPK. Do I need to manually determine what pressure levels 
correspond to what height levels at different times, and then write the fields 
out to these levels?? Is there an easier way??

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