GEMPAK 5.9.4: QBUF Crashes nmap2

Hello all,

Our upgraded to 5.9.4 was pretty smooth, except that now when loading QBUF products (QuikSCAT BUFR from NOAAPORT), nmap2 crashes. The same exact data files work fine with 5.9.3. Under 5.9.4, in my window where I started NTL, I get some messages (below) that I don't get with 5.9.3. Anybody else tried QBUF with this new release?
Best regards,

--- output from 5.9.4 when loading QBUF ....
Finished reading tables...
Resource File:  /home/brents/GEMPAK5.9.4/resource/Nmap
BUFR LOG: Tue Nov 21 22:24:42 2006

Processing file /DATA/nawips/gempak/qsct/2006112116.bufr
log file = stdout
<<< Current settings of flags in BUFR_Cntl >>>
   Auto FTP not allowed
   Duplication of table entries allowed
   No warnings of duplication of table entries printed
   BUFR log written to stdout
   New Table B & D entries are not printed
  Message containing new table entries not dumped
   Returned Code table entries indicatting missing are
        replaced by default value for missing
   Missing values are not replaced by default value for missing

Reading Table B (/home/brents/GEMPAK5.9.4/gempak/tables/melbufr/B3M-000-006-B)
Reading Table D (/home/brents/GEMPAK5.9.4/gempak/tables/melbufr/B3M-000-006-D)
Reading Table B 
Reading Table D 

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