HELP!! Running GEMPAK for the first time.

I've recently setup GEMPAK and I am now trying to load data into the
program.  Problem is, there does not seem to be a good tutorial
available to help me with this.  The one on the unidata site seems like
it is outdated.  Also, I have never used GEMPAK before so I have little
idea what I am doing.

Where do I place the grib files when they are downloaded? I've tried
placing them in /NAWIPS/gempak/data/ however nmap and garp can't even
see the example GEMPAK files available in that directory.

How do I decode them?   I've tried running the NAgrib decode on the
data, however I ended up getting a "segmentation fault" error.

What are tables?

If anyone has a GEMPAK for dummies guide out there it would be greatly
appreciated if they could send it to me.

It also appears that the nmap2 program can only load in 16 frames, which
is only 48 hours for a 3 hour time step.  Is it possible to go beyond 48
hours without having to reload the data?

Thanks in advance

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