Re: calculating height falls

Hi Frank,

if you want to plot contour fields in GEMPAK from observed data you
will have to perform an objective analysis on that data first
GEMPAK is not capable of plotting contours and vectors from
irregularly spaced data, you have to convert it to a regular grid
I'd say that its easier (and much faster) for a novice user to use the
initialization fields from NAM or GFS, even though the results will be
somewhat different.

Best Regards,
               Guilherme O. Chagas

On 10/18/06, Frank J. Marsik <marsik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Sorry if this is an easy one, but I am new to this and have not been
able to find info on the gembud email archive.  I would like to plot the
500mb height falls (as was standard on the old DIFAX maps).  Is there a
way to do this with the observed data, or am I better off using the
initialization fields from the NAM or GFS?

Thanks in advance...



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