RE: Meteosat-8 Overlay Problem

I believe Steve Chiswell answered that the code is not in place in
GEMPAK at this time to display native METEOSAT-8 imagery.
I don't think he gave a time line on when that will be added.

Robert Mullenax
CSBF Meteorology

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I was wondering if anybody found the solution to the problem Kris Booker
posted awhile back about not being able to map native, unmapped
METEOSAT-8 images in nmap2?  I have the exact same problem.  My files
are McIDAS AREA format.  My MTSAT and GOES native files map properly,
but METEOSAT-8 do not.  Like Kris said, the image displays but won't map
and cannot be zoomed.  My imgtyp.tbl is correct, as I can correctly map
and zoom files that I have already used McIDAS IMGEMAP to put into a
projected format.

Brent Shaw

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*  Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 13:26:57 -0500

I am having difficulty getting satellite images from Meteosat-8 in AREA
format to properly display in Garp and NMAP2.  The image actually loads
but does not properly display the map overlays.  I also cannot zoom in
on the image either.  I had a similar problem with MTSAT-1R when it came
online but it was due not having any entry for it in imgtyp.tbl.  I have
an entry (the distribution default) for Meteosat-8 in the imgtyp.tbl
file.  I obtained the AREA files from the public NESDIS ADDE server and
I am running GEMPAK 5.9.1.  Is anyone else having this problem or have
any idea how to correct it?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kris Booker

Houston, TX

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