FLINE (fill type) in gdplot2


I color filled 850-500mb average OMEG and want to fill in medium-spaced
slanted line for 850-500mb average RELH for values 70% or greater and fill
in thin-spaced slanted line for 850-500mb average RELH for values 90% or
I can do this, but all average RELH values less than 70% gets plotted as
medium-spaced slanted lines OR a solid color if I put a ";" in front to line
up the fill types to match 70% and 90%...which fills over the average OMEG
color fill.
After reading the FLINE help, I don't see a way to get around this.

Here's what the entries looks like...1st part is OMEG...2nd part is RELH

40;50;75 ! 70;90 FLINE
;7       ! 32;32/;4;7

Thanks in advance...

Brian Koochel

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