Re: garp crash

Plenty of issues, also, with FC2. I'd suggest an upgrade of the OS at least to FC4 for security concerns, or consider a move to CentOS for security/stability assurance.

Have you tried starting garp from the command line and then looking at what the errors are?

Douglas Tilly wrote:

I recently installed GEMPAK5.9.3 ( I used the precompiled binaries and libraries ) on a machine running on FC2. Everything appears to working fine, except for garp. Garp starts up fine, and I can choose to display any observed data, e.g., metar, sat, etc. However, when I click on a button to display model data, garp crashes. It doesn't matter if it's model data in plan view, cross section, etc. Has anyone seen this before? If so, what fixed this problem?
Thanks for your help.


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