Re: Two questions

Hi Dave,

Question 1: I thought GEMPAK had a "relative humidity w/r/t ice" function, but it does not appear in the documentation. Does GEMPAK have such a function? If not, has anybody added the function?

Last I checked gempak did not have this functionality.
I I was thinking it would be nice to have a
theta es wrt ice. (so we could calculate dry PV,
moist PV, ice PV - was this your thought as well?)
There is little research on PV wrt to ice, maybe
it doesn't make a difference, maybe it does, I don't
know - yet.

Question 2: I also thought I saw an update in GEMPAK that allowed sub-hourly grids. For instance, I would like to convert 15 minute MM5 output to GEMPAK. What version of GEMPAK allows sub-hourly grids?
All gempek releases in recent memory support
sub-hourly grids. I think. I've never used this
capability, but am pretty sure it exists. Sorry, can't
give you a how to, which is probably what you wanted.


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