20060808: notice of upcoming service interruptions

Unidata User Support has received notification of two planned power
outages that will affect data services that you may be using:

1) LSU/SRCC outage on Saturday, August 12.  Services affected:

   IDD relay:
     NNEXRAD), Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD datastream: UNIWISC (aka
     MCIDAS), and NEXRAD Level II data

     machine: pavan.srcc.lsu.edu

   From rleche@xxxxxxxxxxxx  Tue Aug  8 14:13:47 2006
   Subject: Scheduled Network Outage at LSU on Saturday August 12th

   Re: Scheduled Network Outage at LSU Saturday

   Attention LSU down stream IDD users,

   On August 12th at 6:00 AM CST, LSU will upgrade the core networking
   systems.  The estimated time for this work is twelve hours. During this
   time, we expect a loss of connectivity to all off campus sites.
   Please direct your IDD feeds to alternate IDD server resources.

   Robert Leche - System Administrator
   Louisiana State University - Southern Regional Climate Center
   East 328  Howe-Russell Building - Baton Rouge, La. 70803
   rleche <at> srcc.lsu.edu - 225 578 5023

2) UW/SSEC/AOS outage on Thursday, August 17.  Services affected:

   IDD relay:
     NNEXRAD), Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD datastream: UNIWISC (aka
     MCIDAS) data, CONDUIT, and DIFAX data.

     machines: SSEC: unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu
               AOS:  f5.aos.wisc.edu

   Creation-of, archiving-of, and FTP access-to Unidata-Wisconsin

   ADDE access to Unidata-Wisconsin imagery (ADDE group GOESEAST),
     full GOES-East imagery (ADDE group EAST), and full GOES-West
     imagery (ADDE group WEST).

   From datacenter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  Tue Aug  8 10:42:03 2006

   On Thursday, August 17, 2006 (2006229) from 0300 UTC - 1200 UTC the
   AOS/SSEC building will experience a complete power outage, as the
   second and last phase of a campus wide project to upgrade high
   voltage equipment entering campus buildings.

   During the outage, there will be no communications to SSEC & no data
   will be ingested.

   In the event of a hurricane that is about to hit shore, the outage will 
   be rescheduled for Thursday,  August 24 (2006236) 0300 UTC - 1200 UTC.

   We apologize for any problem or inconvenience this outage may

   SSEC Data Center            Email:  datacenter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   UW Madison                  Web:    http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/datacenter
   1225 W. Dayton              Phone:  (608) 262-0502
   Madison, Wisconsin 53706    Fax:    (608) 263-6738

IDD sites feeding from any of the above-mentioned servers should
switch to their failovers before the scheduled outages and then
back to their primaries after the outage.

Please send any/all comments to support-idd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tom Yoksas
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