Re: data request

Hi Paul,
    You (and any other .edu site) can find about a years
worth of data online at

I'll think you'll find what you want in


David Knight
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   Tel: (518)-442-4204
University at Albany   ES-228                  Fax: (518)-442-4494
Albany, NY  12222                              Email: knight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, all - I have a data request to support student research, and was wondering if anyone had saved raw or gempak-formatted data available for the period 00 UTC 9 February 2006 through 12 UTC 13 February 2006?

We are interested in ship/buoy, surface (land), and upper air files. For some reason our archiving captured all the imagery and model grids needed, but all of our conventional data has been lost for that time period. Thanks in advance.

Paul Ruscher, FSU Meteorology

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