20060619: hlsym


The limitation of the size of your text for the max and min marker is
your hardware font. To increase the size of your max/min markers
further, use sw fonts for the "hwflgs". Alternatively, you can use the
special symbols S12 and S13 (see the hlsym phelp) instead of text fonts.

As an aside, you can view the special symbols available by running
the "plotsyms" command to produce a reference table such as:

% plotsyms
Enter device: xw

 0 = Change device      1 = Markers     2 = Line Patterns
3 = Weather Symbols 4 = Cloud Type 5 = Past Weather 6 = Pressure Tendency 7 = Sky Cover 8 = Icing 9 = Special Symbols 10 = Turbulence 11 = Fronts 12 = Special Lines 13 = Combo Syms 99 = Set Attribute Plotting
Select a symbol type number or type EXIT:9
Enter symbol color or type EXIT:4
Enter symbol size or type EXIT:9
Enter symbol line width or type EXIT:1
Enter frame color, 0 for none, or type EXIT:0
Enter background color, 0 for none, or type EXIT:0

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 04:32, Robert Mullenax wrote:
I am trying to increase the size of the H and L's in a gdplot2
script.  I am using 5.9.1 under Solaris x86.  No matter what I try,
the size of the H and L when drawing contours of SLP remains the
same.  If I do:


it looks okay, but I would like the H/L to be bigger.

So I try:

and the H and L's remain the same size, but the text is larger and is
way offset from the H/L, as if it thinks the H/L marker is larger..but
it really isn't.  (I know that's sort of confusing).

Anyone have any thoughts?

Robert Mullenax

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