SFFILE and date range

My intention is to extract data from surface files for the current date
and yesterday's date using `sflist`. I understand `sffile` support
date-time ranges as in:

DATTIM   = 060611/00-060611/03
!DATTIM   = 11/00-11/03 -- alternative way

(assuming related surface file exists)

Does `sflist` support date-time ranges across multiple dates provided
the related files exist? As in:
SFFILE   = metar
AREA     = @abr
DATTIM   = 060610/0000-060611/2400
SFPARM   = tmpf
OUTPUT   = t

It didn't seem to work when I tried. Am I missing something or is this
by design?

I am using a 2 stage process in a .csh script for my current needs,

SFFILE   = metar|060610/
AREA     = @bkx
DATTIM   = all
SFPARM   = tmpf
OUTPUT   = t
--Followed by--
SFFILE   = metar|060611/
DATTIM   = all

Is there an elegant way of doing this with sflist?

Using: Gempak 5.9.1, LDM 6.4.5
OS: FC4 2.6.16-1.2096_FC4smp, glibc-2.3.6-3, gcc version 3.2.3-47.fc4

Thanks, everyone.

Chirag Shukla
South Dakota State University.

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