Re: What's the GEMPAK Fortran 90 interface?


The message you are getting about not building the Fortran 90
interface is from the configure script which builds the NetCDF library.

GEMPAK does not use any Fortran interfaces to NetCDF, so those
interfaces, as well as the C++ interface do not need to be built.
If necessary, you can add "F90= " to the NCOPT line so that
no F90 compiler will be searched for by that configure script.
All GEMPAK fortran code is Fortran 77, so that should be the compiler
you specify as FC in the Makeinc file.

When I last checked with pgf77 4.0, it did not support multiple
opens to the same file by a program, which is needed by GEMPAK.
If pgf77 now supports this, it would be valuable to know. If
you experience a "901" error status when opening a GEMPAK file,
that would be the previous problem I encountered with PGI.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 16:35, Neil R. Smith wrote:
For those who haven't snickered at anybody recently, here's one for you:

I see that if I stay with the 'FC = pgf77' in
$NAWIPS/config/Makeinc.linux.pgi, the make log reports that the Fortran
90 interface won't be built -- as it says if I use the default f77
(g77). If I change this to pgf90, I saw some compile errors, which I
didn't keep around.

So, what's the Fortran 90 interface and what is its significance?


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