Sources of NEXRAD radar data

I am the assistant coordinator of the Richland County, OH Skywarn
group.  My coordinator and I are looking at using Gempak as a
supplement to our other weather tools during
prediction/forecasting/analysis of severe weather, both ahead of and
during any severe weather events.  I am a seasoned Linux user and have
already installed and configured Gempak to use data located on the
local machine.

I am looking for a free community source for the NEXRAD radar data,
prefereably Level II, but Level III would be more than acceptable. Does such access exist outside of the UCAR-aligned universities? Where might I find such information? I have looked over the NWS site
for information, and all I dug up was licensing information for
business users that costs thousands of dollars per year.  Any pointers
would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Gibson

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